Solar Powered Window Candle








Here are some benefits Illum-A-Window™ provides:

  • Solar-powered so there’s no electricity costs.

  • Maintenance-free use; each unit includes a rechargeable 600mAh NiCd AA battery.

  • No bulbs to replace; each unit’s LED will typically last for 50,000 hours.

  • Automatically turns off at sunrise, charges during the day and automatically turns on at dusk.

  • No unsightly wires cluttering your home!

  • Illum-A-Window™ stays put, and the unit rests flush against the window glass by way of a premium suction cup, so blinds and curtains are unaffected by it.

  • No fire hazard from electricity or from hot bulbs; LED’s glow at room temperature.

  • Illuminate any window; no electricity needed and no window sills needed.

  • Units come in white, but are paintable so you can match your décor.

Solar Powered Window CandleIllum-A-Window™ uses a 5mm LED warm-white bulb that mimics the color of a candle flame. The LED is encased in a neatly designed alcove that captures the light and brightly displays it in the shape of a typical candle bulb. Light is directed outside, allowing you to keep every candle on throughout the night, even in bedrooms. Indoor lighting will not affect Illum-A-Window's™ ability to function properly; the unit's design responds to outdoor light only. This is due to the light sensor being embedded within the solar panel (which faces outside).  

Cloudy day? Need Illum-A-Window™ to shine brightly that particular evening? Illum-A-Window lifts right off the suction cup! You can collect them all and place them around a bright light bulb for the day. Illum-A-Window™ can remain brightly lit through the night if it receives a full day of direct, bright sunshine. If you are expecting similar results after a cloudy day, we do not recommend that you purchase our candles.

Illum-A-Window™ works best when it receives Southern Exposure with direct sunlight. The more light, the better! Lack of southern exposure, wooded areas, window awnings and so forth will prevent Illum-A-Window™ from charging properly. PLEASE READ OUR RETURNS POLICY AND THE SECTION BELOW TITLED:  IS ILLUM-A-WINDOW™ RIGHT FOR ME?  BEFORE DECIDING TO PURCHASE ILLUM-A-WINDOW™.battery powered window candle

Our suction cups are ribbed to provide premium results and are rated to hold much heavier objects so your candles will stay put! Simply clean the area of the window (with rubbing alcohol or a good glass cleaner) where the suction cup will be used for exceptional adherence. Illum-A-Window™ also has a flat bottom so you have the option to set it on a window sill.

Illum-A-Window™ is about five inches high, so it can fit in just about any window and using the suction cup allows you to place Illum-A-Window™ in any window! Windows such as Side Lights or outbuildings with no electricity can finally have candles too!    

  decorated window candel
battery operated and paintable
Paint your illum-A-window to match your
décor or add a holiday touch.


Illum-A-Window™ must receive an ample amount of direct sunlight to charge properly for the oncoming night.  Lack of Southern Exposure or obstructions such as trees, window awnings (or any other significant obstructions) that would keep the candles from seeing direct sunlight during the majority of the day will compromise the unit’s ability to charge.  If any of these situations apply to you, we do not recommend that you purchase our candles.

Cloudy days do not typically allow enough bright light for Illum-A-Window™ to receive a full charge. 

The image denoting the Sun’s pattern shows that the left side of the home is facing Due South.  The left side of this house is ideal for Illum-A-Window™.  The maximum tolerance recommended for Illum-A-Window™ is if the home were positioned along the line where dark green meets light green; though slightly off-center from facing Due South, the left side of the home would still see enough direct sunlight during the day to properly charge Illum-A-Window™.  Any further deviation would begin to compromise the candles’ ability to receive enough direct sunlight during a typical sunny day, and is therefore a condition in which we cannot recommend Illum-A-Window™ for your home. 

We want you to be sure of your particular situation.  So, to put it another way, if you can look out the windows on the side of your home that you wish to use the candles and you can see the Sun for the vast majority of the day, then you have the proper conditions for Illum-A-Window™.  If this scenario doesn’t apply to you, we cannot recommend that you purchase our candles.


I want them, but my home doesn’t get enough sunlight…

So you like the features Illum-A-Window™ offers, but your home doesn’t meet the requirements for the candles to work successfully?  Well, we have an answer.  We can send the same candles with the internal circuitry modified to accept typical alkaline AA batteries such as Energizer® and Duracell®.  The candles will look exactly the same on the exterior- they’d even have the solar panel- it just wouldn’t be wired into the system.  (You never want to send a charge to alkaline batteries).   How effective is this modification?  By using a good alkaline AA battery as mentioned, a candles’ LED will shine brightly for about 2 weeks straight, lit up 24/7, before you would need to replace the battery.  Taking the batteries out during the day would make them last roughly a month before you’d need to replace them, should you choose to do so.  If you want these modified candles, simply pick this option when purchasing the candles and we’ll take care of the rest.  We do not include the alkaline batteries, so please note that you will need to supply your own AA alkaline batteries in this scenario.


With regard to using regular alkaline batteries (Energizer®, Duracell®, etc.):

We do receive quite a few inquiries on using regular alkaline batteries in our Illum-A-Window® candles.  Initially, our tests using these kinds of batteries looked promising: while alkaline batteries are not particularly good at accepting a re-charge, the batteries did last for 3-4 weeks in our regular, unmodified candles before needing to be replaced.  And, while we still haven’t experienced a leak from any alkaline battery to this point, we cannot give any consent in their use unless it is in our modified candles where the solar panel sends no charge to the battery during the day.  You may then ask: Why can’t we consent to using alkaline batteries in our regular, unmodified candles?  Simple: alkaline batteries are capable of breaking open and leaking when they receive a charge.  And while we believe the reason we haven’t experienced a leak in our unmodified candles is most likely due to the slow, minimal charge the solar panel sends to the battery during the day, it is not something we can, nor wish to approve or guarantee.    


Warranty and Return Policy

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage due to falling candles, or any damage resulting from improper usage of Illum-A-Window™.   The manufacturer warrants this unit to be free from defective material or workmanship and will repair or replace this unit or any part thereof if it proves defective in normal use or service within (1) year from the date of original purchase.  Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repairing or replacing, at our discretion, the defective instrument or any part thereof when it is returned, transportation prepaid to the Service Center at the address below.  This warranty will be considered void if the unit has been tampered with, improperly serviced, subjected to abuse or misuse or if installed in a commercial dwelling.  This warranty does not cover accidental damage.  When returning this unit for service, please include $5.00 for the first unit, $2.00 per each additional unit for return postage and handling.  Pack carefully in original carton if possible.  We are not responsible for damage incurred in returning items for repair.  A letter stating your exact street address, daytime phone number and the problem you are experiencing must be included.  You must also enclose a copy of the original receipt as proof of date of purchase.


We do not accept returns for Illum-A-Window™.  The reasons for this are as follows:
The parameters required for Illum-A-Window™ to perform correctly are clearly explained here on our website so that the consumer is fully educated in making his/her decision.  While buyer’s remorse is eliminated because of this, we also understand that many customers may only use our product during the Holiday Season.  We must therefore consider the select few customers whom may use our candles for the weeks around the Holiday Season, parties and so forth, fulfill their needs, and then wish to return the candles for a refund.  It is for these reasons that we do not accept returns.